August 21st, 2007

The Zombie


August 19 -  Yoips!  Another missed day!  Uh, well...I guess the least I can do is post what should have been the 19th's Mystery Theme Comic Book Character of The Day - Dr. Light!

The Zombie

je ne sais nerd

August 20 -  Are there any nerds anymore?  Of course there are still many, many geeky dorks wandering the Earth, but being a nerd has lost it's je ne sais quoi.  Where such dweebs and dips were once weird outsiders who kept to their dark underground lairs, they are now virtually...GASP..."cool!"  I've lamented this sudden cultural acceptance before, but I had another thought on the matter.  Namely, are there any nerds anymore?  By that, I mean now that traditional nerds have become adorably mainstream, what counter-culture group has taken their place?  Someone out there must be living peculiar lives on the fringes of acceptability, but who?  I'll tell you who is not; zoologists, Goth punks, archeologists, Emo kids, Gamers, Country Music fans, golfers, astrophysicists, Skaters, spelling bee contestants, cable guys, Gearheads, foreigners, Born Agains, Band Campers, bloggers, joggers, Trekkers, Techies, fat people, skinny people, old people, young people, people of any particular ethnicity, or any combination thereof.  All of them were once squarely in the "outsider" category, and yet they, and so many others, have now become so "inside" that I can't tell if there even is an "outside" anymore.  Heck, those High School Musical kids are now the hottest people out there (a far cry from my embarrassing high school days spent treading the boards...saying such pretentious crap as "treading the boards").  Well, I've come up with a list of who might be today's equivalent to the old-school nerds of my day...

- farmers
- mimes
- harpsichordists
- proofreaders
- The Amish
- United Nations translators
- Billy Zane fans
- assembly-line robots
- trade unionists
- stamp collectors (sorry...they will never be cool)
- stone masons (the real ones, not the creepy ones)
- orthodontists
- Idahoans
- Weather Spotters

I'm sure that you could add to this list, but even these choices are just one sit-com concept or viral-video away from hitting the big-time (except you stamp collectors...sheesh, just give it up're making everyone sad).  When it comes right down to it, it may not be the nerds who have disappeared.  In a world that wearily accepts everything, and treats everyone with the same watered-down "respect," the question is "Are there any cool people anymore?"  Hmm.  So, the real question may be "Is this good or bad?"  For me, in spite of a geeky childhood spent wishing to be considered cool, I must admit that I lean toward preserving some sort of sub-culture...if not several of them.  Well, I suppose that I'd better wrap this up.  Here's your Mystery Theme Comic Book Character of The Day - Sasquatch!