August 18th, 2007

The Zombie

Thank you...thank you very much

August 17 -  Not much for ya tonight.  I'm just back home after another unhappy and unexpectedly extended shift at the dread "real" job, and, MAN, I am whipped.  I'm basically just going to pack it in for the night, especially since I have that all-day caricature gig in Fennimore tomorrow (rain or shine...unless it starts to pour, 'cuz then I'm outta there).  Before I go, though, I wanted to really, really thank you...all of you...for your support over the years.  Today, I just happened to receive e-mails or LiveJournal messages from virtually every person that I euphemistically refer to as Official Friends (or Fish) of WOMP.  Some of you are friends from my college days, some are "local" friends, and some of you are friends I've made over the years at comics shows or through this WOMP-Blog, but all of you are very dear to me, and, on such an unpleasant day of meaningless drudgery, it meant so much to me to have heard from you.  Thank you, thank you, one and all!  I will send each of you a little e-note very soon (which means, of course, that I fully intend to do so, but will forget about it until it is so late that I'll be too embarrassed to do it by then), but not right now.  Now...well, I just have to take some ibuprofen and get some sleep.  Tomorrow, strength provided, I will give everyone another big hint as to the Mystery Theme, but, until then, here's your regularly scheduled Mystery Theme Comic Book Character of The Day - Steel!