August 17th, 2007

The Zombie

Drumroll, please....

August 16 -  Did you ever have one of those days where, no matter how earnest your intentions or actions, you just can't get anything done?  Yeah, me too.  Yesterday was such a day for me.  As I'd noted, it had been my intention to list stuff on eBay all day.  Simple enough, right?  Ugh.  It should have been, but I think that the mighty WOMPuter is nearing the end of its life or something, because it was malfunctioning all day.  Needless to say, I didn't get too much listed (just a few remaindered WOMP T-shirts and a couple of odds and ends of previously unsold postcards...check them out HERE, if you'd like).  Because of the misbehaving WOMPuter, I basically wasted my entire day.  Grrrr.  Let me try to get back to "normal" with, yes...another list!  Let's see...

1) I've been meaning to tell you that I will be drawing caricatures at Fennimore Fun Days in Fennimore, Wisconsin, this Saturday, August 18.  I'll be at the Fun-grounds by about noon, and intend to draw as many faces (at $6.00 per) as I can.  If my arm holds out, I hope to stay until the evening parade, which begins at about 5:30PM.  If you're in the area, stop by and say "Hi."

2) And I have several more caricature events coming up.  I'll update my Schedule page soon, but, until then, I'll just tell you that I'll be at the B.A. Kennedy Grade School Library on September 11th, at the Marquette Railroad Museum on September 15th, at Blackhawk Junction on September 22nd, and at a Crawford County Family Resources event at the Prairie du Chien Armory on September 29th.

3) I will also squeeze in yet another tour of duty in the War of 1812 by discussing political cartooning of that era while I'm at PdC's Fort Crawford Museum on September 14th.  I think that this may be my fifth year of doing this.

4) And, speaking of up-coming schedules, mark your calendars for Fallfire 4, which is open to submissions from the First Day of Autumn (September 23rd) through Halloween (October 31st).  Remember, the whole point of the contest is to get you to produce new work, preferably during that time specifically.  This year, I'm going to make a push for more music submissions and senior entrants (hopefully, the increased prize monies will help).

5) Additionally, I've already made preliminary plans for a more "formal" Fallfire 4 reception and awards ceremony for Saturday, November 3rd (and, by "formal," I mean that, this time, everyone will know where and when it will take place more than a day ahead).  The public will be welcome to attend at least part of this, but I really liked the "get-together" feel of last year's awards night.  I'm thinking of having a "private" ceremony/get-together, after which it will open to the public to wander through to look at the entries and talk to the entrants.  Like I said, it's still preliminary at this point.

6) OK.  I might go the Minnesota FallCon this year.  Might.  If I do, it may be for just one day, and it may be without The WOMP Staff.  Maybe.  Right now, nothing is off the table.  I've gotten my guest-status confirmation, so I've decided to go ahead an plan for the show, just in case.  In fact, I am even planning to produce a third issue of my now-annual giveaway, Tales From The WOMP-Blog!  If I decide against attending, I'll either send the completed giveaways to the FallCon organizers to stuff into gift bags, or may just mail them out to WOMP-Blog readers who say that they want them.

7) Happy 51st Birthday, Rusty Wallace!  Turning 51 is appropriate; you were voted one of the 50 greatest NASCAR drivers of all time, and you're still #1 with The WOMP Staff and me!

8) Happy 20th Birthday, Steven Wallace!  Having a birth-date just a couple of days following your Dad's has probably given you early practice in following in his tire-tracks toward racing!

9) Now, can I have a drumroll, please?  Official Fish of WOMP, Lori Schoenhard, has sent the following e-mail regarding my contest to guess this month's Mystery Theme -

Hi John!

I first have to say I have gained an appreciation for the artistry of comic book artists. Some of the artwork for these characters that I did not previously know about is pretty amazing.

OK, here is my first attempt at guessing...

All of the characters have been at one time in their existence in a cave or underground lair.


Well, Lori...that's not it.  It's a fantastic guess, but it's not right.  Even so, as I look over the list (including those yet to be posted), I must admit that it may be true that everyone of these characters has spent some significant time in a cave...or at least most of them have.  However, that leads me to...

10) ...another guesser's e-mail (drumroll again, this time louder)!  O.F.O.WOMP Vickie McKay wrote -


It's kindof obvious.  At some point they were all drawn by George Perez!


Well, Vickie...guess what?

That's not it...but it almost could be!  When I looked over my list, only TWO characters haven't been drawn by super-prolific Mr. Perez; the as-yet-undisclosed 25th's clue, and The Simpsons' Sideshow Bob...and I'm not really positive about those!  Holy Smokes!  I mean, c'mon.  What kind of crazy workaholic draws every single DC character and Marvel character and Archie character?  He even drew Bullwinkle!  Vickie, if my research finds that George Perez drew either the 25th's character or Sideshow Bob (or both), I will send a consolation prize to you! 

11) So, I guess I have to give you all another clue.  OK, here's your latest Mystery Theme Comic Book Character of The Day - Wyatt Wingfoot!