August 7th, 2007

The Zombie

Grid and bear it

August 6 -  Ha-ha!  This time, I was ready for it!  By "it," I am referring to yet another inexcusable power outage.  As an electrical storm began heading our way at about 2:00AM, I quickly shut down the WOMPuter...just in time, as a power surge knocked out lights again!  You know, this is pretty ridiculous.  And it's not just WOMP H.Q. that suffers from these blackouts, it's the whole community.  That the whole city should lose the juice just because of...of what?  Does lightning strike a transformer each time?  Does some nervous Nellie switch-off the grid whenever it rains?  Am I living near some sort of energy nexus, where raw power is being fed to an otherworldly creature under cover of thunderstorm?  At this point, I'm willing to believe just about anything.  Of course, it should be noted that WOMP's hometown, Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, is among the first cities anywhere to have public electricity.  In fact, the remnants of the first power station still stand as a virtually empty red brick building prominently positioned near riverfront Lawler Park.  City residents had access to the power produced there in as early as 1883, and, by 1890, electric lights lit the streets...even while most of the streets themselves were still brick-covered or even unpaved dirt (see, you learn something here every day, don't you?).  I suppose that there may still be some of that original nineteenth-century grid embedded within the current version, which might explain the constant trouble.  In fact (and I think I actually talked about this in one of the earliest WOMP-Blog entries years go), back when The WOMP Staff and I lived in an apartment before ascending to WOMP Central, a switch on a pole outside blew up, causing the power cable leading to our home to catch fire and drop off.  When the guy from the electric company examined the cable during repairs, he found an installation mark that dated it to 1900!  CRAZY!  Well, I guess that, with the layers and layers of history here, I should expect this.  On another note (he said, changing the subject before he began to realize that he lives in a backwater cesspool), I'm disappointed that I haven't had some more guesses as to the Mystery Theme unifying this month's daily-posted comic book characters.  Come on, you supposedly smart fanboys and geekgirls!  With the character listed at the end of this entry, you'll have six excellent clues.  Still not interested?  OK, I'll help you out; each day, the connective theme will become more and more "central" to the characters listed.  That should help.  And, I tell ya what; I'll  I'll wait to tell you that.  For now, let's just say that I have another surprise to reveal to you later.  So, e-mail me with those guesses!  Here's your Mystery Theme Comic Book Character of The Day - Mr. Weatherby!