August 5th, 2007

The Zombie


August 3 -  And so, while I was again trapped at the dread "real" job, cool stuff was happening elsewhere.  For example, as I mentioned yesterday, O.F.O.WOMP Millie Garside had a showing of her most recent art.  Although I got that sneak preview the night before, I sure wish that I could have been there for the actual show.  As I have learned since from those who did attend (like my co-workers and parents), it was very nice, with live music, treats, and gifts!  Millie has asked me to write a review for the local paper, so I'll reserve more full comments for that.  Just as well, since I'm still smarting from not being able to attend.  Who needs a review that starts with "I'm sure you all think you're so special just because you didn't have to work, don't you?"  Anyhoo, I have a bunch of crummy work around the house to do, so I have to get going.  Before I leave, though, I wanted to set up this month's "...Of The Day" feature.  This time around, I've got a little surprise for you; a mystery theme!  Yep, each night I will post another character from a secret category.  As I do, it will be up to you to try to guess the mystery theme by figuring out what connects all of them (and it won't be something dumb like "they're all comics characters").  Don't be fooled, though.  Just like on the old Name That Tune TV game show, the first several "notes" may belong to many different "tunes."  Still, I want to encourage you to participate in this challenge, so I am making it into an actual contest...

Guess The Theme and Win Some Stuff!

Here's how it works; the first person to e-mail me with a correct guess as to the correct unifying theme for August's WOMP-Blog "...Of The Day" featured characters will win some stuff.  The earlier I have a winner, the more stuff that winner will get.  Prizes may include everything from WOMP T-shirts, to rare Oz stuff, to original art (well, ANY winner will get original art...I've got a lot of that).  The only real "rule" is that participants should send each guess in an individual e-mail.  No long lists of guesses, please.  Otherwise, enter as many times as you'd like.  I'll announce the winner (if any) and reveal the mystery theme in the WOMP-Blog's next entry after receiving the correct answer.  If I don't get a winner, the theme will be revealed at the end of the month.  Got it?  Good.  Now, to get you started, here are the first three entries in your Mystery Theme Comic Book Character of The Day - August 1 - Superman; August 2 - The Atom; August 3 - Brother Voodoo.  Good luck!

The Zombie


August 4 -  Yeah...another power blackout.  Two, in fact...right in a row.  Yes, there was a mighty storm a-ragin' outside, but are we living in 1890 or something?  Does every nearby lightning strike have to pitch us into complete, powerless darkness?  Sigh.  Well, needless to say (a phrase which, by the way, is itself needless to say), I was unable to post anything yesterday.  Now, with unexpected time on my hands, I am bursting with stuff that I was going to say, yet too old to remember any of it, so I'm left with a strange sense of ennui.  Yes, I said it; ennui.  I could sit here and blog my guts out for hours, or just go back to sleep.  Maybe I'll write a novel, or watch the grass grow, or...whatever.  I don't even care that I don't even care.  In the words of Bart Simpson, "Meh."  Well, maybe I should just try to get something constructive accomplished before I no longer have the time to do so.  Before I go, I should re-direct you to the "August 3" entry below this one, so that you may read more about the contest that I began.  Did you check that out?  Great!  I hope you'll enter.  Here, to help you, is the fourth Mystery Theme Comic Book Character of The Day - Calvin "Cave" Carson!