July 24th, 2007

The Zombie


July 23 -  Let's see.  I really do have a ton of junk to tell you all.  I don't even know how to start, and I'm getting a little tired of the "list" format...and WAY too tired of trying to type out a comprehensive report of the events of several busy, busy days.  So, let's try something different -

Johnnie M. Wompsquire and the Shocktapus of Oz

Visiting the Land of Oz is very different than visiting most anyplace else.  Things that are completely normal there seem a lot less so here.  For example, someone from most anyplace else might be amazed to see a six-foot tall, semi-translucent, purple octopoid floating three feet off the ground as it followed people down the street.  The citizens of Oz, though, would simply say "Hello, Shocktapus," while they carefully avoided touching the friendly, but quiet, creature.  One such Ozite, though, had never even heard of the famous Shocktapus, which led to all sorts of trouble over the last few days.  Yes, Johnnie M. Wompsquire, who is an artoonist from the little, and little known, Oz city of Prinkie-dink-Cheese, had the misfortune of bumping into Shocktapus when neither was looking where they were going. Bang!  Poor Johnnie had no idea what was happening when the Shocktapus, as is his way, obliging attached his eight shocktacles to Johnnie's head.  Instantly, time sped up for Johnnie as he had eight personally shocking experiences!  As the first shocktacle detached, Johnnie learned that his artoons for Oziana 2006 had finally been published!  Wow!  With the second, he found out that people, including Official Friend of Wompsquire Marcus Mebes, had been discussing those artoons (seen HERE) in generally favorable terms!  Wild!  Shocktacle three revealed that, even though Oziana 2006 had been published, and people had basically enjoyed Johnnie's artoons, no one had yet paid Johnnie anything for his work...not even a single complimentary copy!  Shocking!  As shocktacle number four was removed, Johnnie found that people are still talking about The Great  Pantslessness Debate of 2007, in both continued e-mails and even another post on the subject at CBGXtra.com (seen HERE).  Crazy!  By the time the fifth shocktacle was about to pop off of Johnnie's head, he began to think that he was getting used to being shocked, but that's because he just didn't know that the surprise provided by each shocktacle gets bigger and bigger!  As that fifth one detached, he learned that he had somehow gained a new friend, Lori Schoenhard, via the WOMP-Blog Archives on LiveJournal!  Neat!  When shocktacle six was removed, he further learned that Lori was also originally from the Prinkie-dink-Cheese area, that she was a Star Wars fan who had read the WOMP-Blog's May Star Wars entries, and that her father was directly affected by the events mentioned in the July 20 entry below!  Whoa!  Shocktacle seven came off just in time for Johnnie to happen across both Official Friend of Wompsquire Lyle Ernst, and Fallfire entrant Kim Becwar, along a wooded trail at Effigy Mounds National Monument, while they were researching a book that they are co-authoring!  What are the chances?!  As Johnnie was still reeling from seeing these seldom-seen friends in the middle of a forest, he wasn't prepared for the biggest shock of all.  With a smile and a very quiet "Good day, friend," the Shocktapus detached his eighth, and final, shocktacle.  As the Shocktapus floated away, Johnnie had the greatest shock of all; a six-foot tall, semi-translucent, purple octopoid floating three feet off the ground, had just bumped into him!  Shocktapustastic!  Stunned, but appreciative, Johnnie muttered "Th-thank you" as he wandered off, back to Prinkie-dink-Cheese, with a new appreciation for that which he didn't know before...and a great idea for Oziana 2007!

The End

OK.  That was odd, but it was different...and shocking?  Here's the Comic Book Editor of The Day - Dwayne McDuffie!