July 20th, 2007

The Zombie

OK...five things, not twelve

July 18 -  Where to start?  I have, like, twelve things to tell you, and very little time in which to do so.  Hmm.  It looks like it's "list" time again -

1) The power was out yesterday because our area was hit by a "500 year" downpour of rain.  Flash floods and downed trees took out some of the powerlines.

2) WOMP H.Q. is OK.  Most of the local damage was to our Iowa neighbors in McGregor.  The WOMP Staff and I took a tour of McGregor to view the damage.  It was pretty shocking to see a couple of feet of standing mud on Main Street!  We also looked down on the Mississippi from the prominent lookout-point at Pikes Peak State Park (just outside of McGregor).  Having just been there two days ago, we were struck by the incredibly pronounced flow of muddy, cloudy water, and the obviously risen water levels, as compared to last time. 

3) I went to that Wisconsin Arts Board meeting.  I'll blather about it later (I imagine), but I can summarize the experience thusly; hot and uncomfortable.

4) Uh...there's more, but I have to head out to the dread "real" job now, so I'll have to tell you later.

5) Here is your Comic Book Editor of The Day - Len Wein!