July 12th, 2007

The Zombie

A World of Pure Imagination...

July 11 -  So, picking up from last night, I suppose you're wondering why I even had that 1982-ish letter from Jim Shooter with me at college years later.  Well, as one of the Kubert School students, I got to take a behind the scenes tour of the fabled Marvel Bullpen in late 1984, so I had my folks mail the letter to me, just in case.  I don't know what I was thinking.  Even if I saw Mr. Shooter while I was there (a slim possibility), did I expect him to remember the note or autograph it or something?  Who knows.  I guess I thought he was like Willy Wonka, and that letter was my golden ticket to a real, and substantial tour.  Anyhoo, when the tour came, I was one of about twenty guys...each of us with expectations that, should we avoid turning blue and inflating like a gigantic beachball, we'd be given a job at the end of the day.  In reality, we were instead cordially and jovially guided through the surprisingly cramped and boring offices, ending our "adventure" in a hallway marked by plainness and a spiral staircase.  As our guide (and forgive me if I can't remember who it was...but it may have been Danny Fingeroth) completed his comments and solicited questions, I crept a few steps up the stairway to get a better view.  Suddenly, someone from behind silently jabbed me in the ribs.  There, descending like an apparition, was the seven foot frame of Jim Shooter himself!  I moved to the side, and he, never speaking a word, passed by me and then through the amassed cartoonist wannabes, never to be seen again.  At least by me.  Since then, Jim Shooter has gone off into realms incomprehensible, appearing only occasionally to start up a comics publishing house here and there.  More editor stories tomorrow.  Here's your Comic Book Editor of The Day - Ralph Macchio!