July 5th, 2007

The Zombie


July 4th -  I hope that you had a fun Independence Day!  Mine was, well...less than fun.  On top of a stint at the dread "real" job, I had the head thing going on.  Ugh.  It's coming in waves now.  I'll be 100% OK one moment, then writhing in agony the next, then back to OK again after a few minutes.  Since it's no longer a constant pain, the worst may be over (thank goodness).  Even so, I'm exhausted.  I guess I don't have much for you here, but I did finally change the "WOMP Character of the Week" on the WOMP-Site's Main Page (thanks for the prompting, Eric).  You can check that out by clicking HERE, but, just to post something today, here's the description I posted there about Firecracker -

Daredevil motorcyclist Gil Carter wanted to enlist in the Army the day after Pearl Harbor was attacked, but, because of a previously undiagnosed irregular heartbeat, the MEPS doctor classified him as "4-F" instead.  Embarrassed, and suddenly aware of his medical frailty, Gil decided to make a difference on the Home Front by promoting War Bonds and Stamps.  Never revealing his heart condition, or true identity, to others, he donned a flashy red, white, and blue costume, becoming the stunt-cyclist, Firecracker!  It wasn't long before this patriotic young adventurer began thwarting would-be saboteurs, out-witting covert Axis agents, and touring all over the world entertaining Allied Troops.  His status after the war, though, is another story...

That's it for now.  Here's your Comic Book Editor of The Day - Mark Waid!