July 3rd, 2007

The Zombie


July 3 -  It's the truth, but it still sounds like a cop-out; I've been sick.  I haven't been "up to" posting anything for a few days because I've been suffering troublesome, mysterious pain in my head.  I'll wait here while you make your jokes.  Done?  Well, I can't blame you for making light of it, because I try to do the same...until I suddenly cry out in agony.  I assume that it will all pass soon, like a toothache, but, in the meanwhile, it's no fun at all.  At its least annoying, the pain is merely a throbbing pressure behind my left ear.  At it's worst, it's virtually debilitating as it feels like a white-hot, spike-covered mace is trying to burst out of my skull.  The hypochondriac in me is sure that I have some terrible malady, but I think it all may be actually related to a pinched nerve, the result of a peculiarly loud "neck-cracking" from last week.  I only mention all of this to explain why I seemed to have suddenly dropped off the face of the Earth.  I haven't answered e-mail, drawn a darn thing, wished O.F.O.WOMP Eric Gillitzer a "Happy Birthday" (on the correct day this time), or, as I said, posted a WOMP-Blog entry.  In an odd way, this situation has some relevance to this month's "...Of The Day" theme; comic book editors! Beleaguered comics editors have to deal with sick artists all of the time, as well as any number of other obstructions and challenges, of which most readers are completely unaware.  I know that, as a group, editors are misunderstood at best, and vilified at worst, so I hope to get into all of that this month as I post their names.  Today, though?  The pain is at about 60 on a scale of 100, so I think I'll pass for now.  Here, then, are a couple of days-worth of Comic Book Editors of The Day; July 1 - Jim Shooter, July 2 - Roger Stern, July 3 - Andrew Helfer!