June 29th, 2007

The Zombie


June 27 -  Let's just say that this is June 27.  The truth is that it's actually fairly late on June 28th, but I finally have a moment to post something.  One of our cats, Carolina, is sick, so I've been just hanging out with her pretty much non-stop for the last day or so.  We don't know exactly what's wrong with her, but she seems to be slowly getting better.  I still have a scaredey dark feeling in the pit of my gut, but it has eased as she has begun to perk up.  I guess, then, I will try to take my mind off of my worry, and just get back to the silliness of pantslessness.  I've been polishing my "master list" in preparation for my plan to post it on the CBGXtra.com forum that O.F.O.WOMP Brent Frankenhoff began (see that by clicking HERE).  I'll wait until June is done, so that I don't spoil any surprises.  Oh, and, speaking of Brent, he sent the following follow-up to yesterday's post -

Quislet (check spelling; anyway, little dude who was in a silver spaceship thingie)
Wildfire (outside his containment suit anyway)

GL Corps:
There's the planet that's a GL

Lady Death (or does the thong part of her bodysuit count as pants?)

Ooo, ooo, what about Heroic's Buck Naked? Aptly named crimefighter from the early 1990s.

Thanks, Brentski!  I remembered that Quislet guy (gal?), and, now that you've mentioned it, I also recalled Mogo, the Green Lantern planet, but I've never even heard of Buck Naked...other than as Sienfeld's George Costanza's imagined adult film actor persona.  As for Lady Death?  She does have that thong thingee, I guess.  But I like that you're thinking outside the box.  Speaking of, Brent has begun another bit of comic-book-themed silliness recently.  Starting with the comics creators currently involved with The Incredible Hulk, he's been asking fans for their favorite Hulkie moments.  Check out what the pros, like Greg Pak and John Romita, Jr., answered by clicking HERE, then jump on over to the public discussion forum to post a recollection of your own most memorable Hulkster moment by clicking HERE.  I'm also crafting my own...but pantslessness takes priority...although...the two subjects are not too dissimilar.  One of the most common fanboy "complaints" about The Hulk is Bruce Banner's amazingly durable pants.  When Banner transforms into the raging beast within, every piece of clothing on his body is reduced to shreds...except his pants.  If any character had the excuse...nay, the RIGHT to be pantsless, it's old Jade Jaws.  Maybe I missed the story where Reed Richards crafted some nice unstable-molecule Dockers for Dr. Banner, but couldn't he have sprung for some nice Arrow shirts, too?  Hmm.  Well, here's your Pantsless Comic Book Character of The Day - Uncle Scrooge McDuck!

The Zombie

In Brief

June 28 -  Short entry.  Cat is much, much better.  Hulk's pants were purple, so they weren't Dockers (Old Navy, then?).  Time limited.  Gotta go.  Here is Pantsless Comic Book Character of The Day - Fred Flintstone!