June 14th, 2007

The Zombie


June 13 -  Pantsless Fever is spreading!  Thanks to O.F.O.WOMP Brent Frankenhoff, Superintendent of the venerable Comics Buyer's Guide, the infection has spread to the on-line readers of CBGXtra.com, where Brent has posted pantsless comics characters as a forum topic.  That thread can be seen by clicking HERE (I think...if not, just go to CBGXtra.com and click on Brent's "Juggling Multiple Titles" column).  There has already been some interesting conversation on the topic, to which I added the following last night;

OK. I am the aforementioned John Mundt, posting on CBGXtra for the very first time. And why? Because of the Great Pantslessness Debate of 2007. So...I have NO idea what I was thinking when I came up with the topic of pantsless comics characters. Still, I've been having fun with it, and with the shockingly high volume of responses it has garnered. While most e-messages are of the "Captain Atom IS wearing pants" sort, I have had a few e-notes that suggest other pantsless folks for my list. I see that Godzilla was suggested here, but, although clearly pantsless, he did not make my list because one of the "rules" that I set for my list of the pantsless is that the character's contemporaries and/or peers do wear pants. Since Kong, Mothra, and the gang do their Tokyo destroying sans-pants, Godzilla doesn't "count" (nor do robot-types, which I prohibited with yet another arbitrary "rule," leaving poor Mechagodzilla doubly-rejected). Also, I see that the inhabitants of Duckburg were discussed. Several of them are on my list, but it did make me wonder what Gyro Gearloose had to hide...especially since fellow Disney chicken Clara Cluck is also pantsless (or "bloomerless," since she is of an older era). And, as for The Silver Surfer? He is on my list (scheduled for June 17), in spite of his "coating." Same goes for the DC version Captain Atom. What can I say? They look pretty pantsless to me. Here's my thinking; "skin," no matter the substance, is not the same as "pants." After all, stripped down to our true barest, aren't we all just containers of people-shaped energy? Still, I have to believe that someone out there is going to come up with a character that didn't occur to me, so please, if you can, post them here, or send them along to me at contact@johnmundtesquire.com. I will post all suggestions on my WOMP-Blog, crediting the contributors, of course. Thanks!

With that, I leave you with your Pantsless Comic Book Character of The Day - Jack Griffin, The Invisible Man!