June 13th, 2007

The Zombie

Now I'm on a role....

June 12 -  Talk about "late!"  Holy Moley!  It's now about 4:30PM on the 13th, and I am just getting to the 12th's WOMP-Blog entry.  After an unexpectedly lengthy stint at my dread "real" job, and a few hours of work on various little art projects, I was about to post an entry late last night/early this morning, when I remembered that I had a speaking engagement this morning!  I quickly turned off the lights, hit the hay, slept, snored a little (or so I was told), then promptly woke back up just a bit under two hours later.  Fun!  The "engagement" was at City Hall, where I entertained about sixty kids by drawing cartoons and comic strips.  I wasn't sure exactly what I was expected to do, so I brought a lot of stuff with me, hoping to cover all bases.  When I saw the sprawling crowd of extremely young faces, though, I knew that I would do best with my "help me draw a monster" and "let's write a comic strip" presentations.  True, there were a couple of attendees in the eight-to-twelve-year-old range, but most were about five.  So, based on suggestions culled from the kids, I drew a monster with spots on his domed head (whom they named "Larry"), then a Cheetchilla (part chinchilla, part cheetah), "Bob" (part lizard, part killer whale, and part woolly mammoth), Cycloptopus (my Atlantean sea-monster character), acid-spitting "Aspitto" versus robotic "Drillman," and Monkey.  We then all collaborated on writing a four panel comic strip featuring Aspitto and Drillman (poor Drillman...his drill-hands were melted by acid!).  After that, I took a few questions from the crowd.  "Can you draw that one girl that flies and has the spikey-things on her hammer?"  I assumed that she was talking about Hawkgirl.  "How many comic books have you drawn?"  Peculiarly, that was a more philosophical question than I could answer with anything but "A few?"  And then I was done, clocking in under 45 minutes all in all.  Before leaving, I looked at several kids' drawings, handed out some free paper and pencils, drew some winners' names for giveaways, packed up, and came home.  That was a lot of fun, but it leaves me with the rest of the day off from any planned work (no dumb "real" job, and no scheduled art stuff), so I decided to work on The WOMP-Site.  It's a lot of work, you know.  And I'm a slow typist, which makes it twice as hard.  Thankfully, I have friends who e-mail stuff to me that I can then just copy and paste instead of actually expending energy or brainpower.  For example, just last night, O.F.O.WOMP Eric Gillitzer sent me this funny, helpful note, based on a brief mention in the 10th's entry -

Okie Dokie-

Well throughout your blogging history you have unintentionally committed a massive gaming faux-pas.  You often (as in you most recent entry) refer to work you have done for “roll-playing” games.  This is a bit of a no-no.  The term you want is ‘role-playing” games.  Here’s why-

In a role-playing game (RPG) players take on the “role” of their characters within a collaborative story.

By contrast “roll-playing” is a derogatory term for people who become overly focused on numbers and dice and scores (hence- “ROLL- playing”) as opposed to creating a fun and enjoyable experience within the collaborative story of the game.  These sort of people are the ones who run up to you and say “DOOD!  My guy has like 3 18’s in his abilities except for his 24 strength- oh and he’s like a ninja with a +17 Katana of superdeathkilly kill,” or who seem to be focused on building a character that has the greatest mathematical and rules-based advantages instead of an interesting and unique character.

No biggie really, but something your readers are relatively likely to notice and an error that can be easily corrected.

Thanks (?), Eric.  Um, it was just one of those brain-fart spelling mistakes, you know.  I do it, and more, all the time (don't even get me started on "seldomly").  I know, of course, that it should be "role-playing," but I must admit that it tickles me to think that I have inadvertently insulted an entire genre by interchanging an "e" with an "l" (tee hee!).  Anyhoo, here I was, all ready to do e-battle with angry fanboys who insist that I'm nuts to say that Captain Atom (who is clearly coated with pants-like alien alloy) is pantsless, when I find instead that I've enraged dice throwers.  Ugh!  I just can't win.  I guess you can pick your friends, and you can pick your nose, but you usually can't pick your battles.  I think I'll just give up for now.  Here's your Pantsless Comic Book Character of The Day - Casper, The Friendly Ghost!