June 11th, 2007

The Zombie

A WOMP Primer...sort of

June 10 -  What up?  So, you've just dropped by to see what "everyone" is talking about?  OK, so maybe "everyone" is more like "a dozen or so," but cut me some slack, if you can.  I am not really accustomed to people actually reading what I write, so even a few people seems like a lot to me....and by "me" I am referring to myself, John Mundt, Esquire (more on that below).  To give new readers a chance to understand what the heck I am talking about when I refer to things like O.F.O.WOMPs and The WOMP Staff, I've decided to post the following...

Ten Things That A New Reader Should Know About The WOMP-Blog

1)  My name is John Mundt.

2)  I have called myself "John Mundt, Esquire," since the 8th Grade (taking the "Esquire" part from Bugs Bunny's mailbox).  If you'd like, click HERE for more info about me. 

3)  I have been on the fringes of the cartooning business for more than twenty years, having even self-published a comic book called The Adventures of Monkey, based on a childhood character. 

4)  "WOMP," which stands for "World of Monkey Productions," is the alphabetically-challenged name that I gave to my efforts as a publisher and freelance cartoonist.  Click HERE for more info about Monkey and WOMP.

5)  I have also drawn a comic strip called John Woe, attended the famous Joe Kubert School in New Jersey,  have provided illustrations for a few of Land of Oz projects (including The Collected Short Stories of L. Frank Baum), and have drawn all sorts of odds and ends for everything from farm equipment companies to roll-playing game sourcebooks.  Click HERE to see some of my more-or-less recent art.

6)  I often refer to my wife as "The WOMP Staff."  In truth, there is no "staff," as I do 99% of all WOMP stuff myself.

7)  As for that other 1%?  That's where some of my friends come in.  Called Official Friends of WOMP, or O.F.O.WOMP for short, my closest friends have also contributed to some of my WOMP projects and/or just have been there for me when I needed a pal.

8)  A newly minted O.F.O.WOMP is first called an Official Fish of WOMP, for no other reasons than to amuse me and to confuse her or him.  Each "graduates" to Official Friend of WOMP when he or she finally asks me "Hey, dork; what's up with the 'Fish' thing?"

9)  Without any need nor call for it, I began writing this web journal back in November of 2003, calling it The WOMP-Blog.  After years of struggling to think of something to write every night, I came up with the idea of posting an "...Of The Day" feature.  Based on a particular, differing theme each month, I use the impetus to stick to a schedule of daily posting the name of a different comic book character to get me to write at least something every day.  Often, the month's theme itself becomes the topic of my postings.

10) This month's theme is Pantsless Comic Book Characters.  Why?  I have no idea.  I talked about Star Wars comics last month.  That made sense.  This, though...?  Pantslessness?  That leads me to #11 on this list of Ten Things That A New Reader Should Know About The WOMP-Blog;

11) There is obviously something wrong with me.  Be warned; reading too many of these bizarre WOMP-Blog entries is a little like eating poisoned potato chips - you can't stop eating them...until it's too late.

That should cover it for a bit.  I'm always open for questions and comments sent to my e-mail address, but I am terrible at replying in a timely manner.  Now, I'd better run along so that I can get some work done.  Here, then, is a creation from an actual O.F.O.WOMP, your Pantsless Comic Book Character of The Day - Mr. Hell!