June 7th, 2007

The Zombie

Pantsless Fever

June 6 -  A-ha!  We now have the first signs that a highly drug-resistant strain of Pantsless Fever is sweeping the nation!  I knew that I was onto something...and that something is controversy!  Yes, already the subject of pantsless comics characters has spawned not one, but two heated messages sent to me here at WOMP Central (as well as a great note of support from O.F.O.WOMP Derek Anderson - Thanks, DJ)!  First, Official Friend of WOMP Brent Frankenhoff wrote -

Venom is pantsless?

Somehow I think an alien symbiote that serves as a unitard (one size fits all), would qualify as pants. Besides, the symbiote can mimic any type of clothing. I don't recall a bare-assed Venom running around anywhere.

Confused, Iola, WI

Hmm.  This brings up an unusual philosophical question; are pants themselves pantsless?  If "pantsless" is defined as "not wearing pants," then yes, pants (and therefore Venom) can be pantsless.  If you choose to define "pantsless" as "not having pants," then pants, which clearly "have" themselves (and not much else...except pocket lint) could not be pantsless.  Oh, and Venom probably more appropriately falls into some subcategory of the "amorphous blobs" classification that I talked about a couple of nights ago.  As a living unitard who can mimic the appearance of clothing, Venom probably has no real need for pants, but, c'mon...he's clearly "naked."  That's how he made my stupid list.  And, speaking of my "stupid list," recent O.F.O.WOMP Vickie McKay posed this question -

Writing about people who don't wear pants is pretty stupid, but I like stupid!  I remember seeing a cartoon where Donald Duck's feathers were blown off and he covered himself with his hands because he was naked.  Doesn't that mean that his feathers are his pants?  I gotchya there! - Vickie

But, Vickie...when Donald's feathers were blown off, doesn't that mean that he was...pantsless?  Ha!  Gotcha back!  Finally, I am beginning to see how much fun I am going to have with this subject.  Speaking of "fun," I'm off to work now, so I'll leave you with your also-controversial Pantsless Comic Book Character of The Day - Captain Atom!