May 3rd, 2007

The Zombie

Test. Test. Is this thing on?

May 1 - It's a stop-gap, to be sure, but I have found a way to post a Rich Text Format document to the WOMP-Site, which can temporarily substitute for the old HTML files I am used to posting. It's definitely not a perfect solution, by any means (for example, links within these text files do no actually link to anything), but it'll do for now, I suppose. I'll sort this all out (I hope). Now, though, I just want to get on with things as per usual. To do that, I will now reveal this month's "...Of The Day" theme; Star Wars comic book characters! This month marks the 30th anniversary of the release of the movie that changed my life. This month also marks the 27th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back, the 24th anniversary of Return of The Jedi, the 8th anniversary of The Phantom Menace, the 5th anniversary of Attack of The Clones, and the 2nd anniversary of Revenge of The Sith. Yep, they all premiered in May, many on the same dates, years apart. As I go along, I'll let you know which days which films premiered, but those dates aren't until the latter half of the month, so I guess I should just get the astromech droid rolling with a fan favorite, your first Star Wars Comic Book Character of The Day - Boba Fett!
The Zombie

Take "Two."

May 2 -  Hello!  I am, happily, very busy tonight with a couple of quick art commissions, so I am going to cop-out a bit (what else is new?).  I am sure, however, that I will find the time and energy later this month to blather on and on about the Star Wars universe as seen in the pages of comic books.  Before I go tonight, I wanted to just tease a short feature that I will be posting (Force willing) soon.  Still in the planning stages, it is coming together quite nicely...but, what is it?  Well, it's an essay, it's a memoir, it's a review, and it's a true story...with generous helpings of fiction.  Nothing big, just a little exercise for me (and a little torture for you).  The title of the piece?  I don't think that I'm giving anything away to say that it's called Far, Far Away.  Now, here's your Star Wars Comic Book Character of The Day - Quinlan Vos!