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Mike Wieringo

August 13 -  First, I have to talk about something that's not supposed to happen. 

Late Sunday night, forty-four year-old comic book artist Mike Wieringo died.  Details are still sketchy, but it appears as though he suffered a massive heart attack while at home.  Mr. Wieringo, who often signed his beautiful artwork simply as 'Ringo, was an amazingly talented, inventive, and imaginative artist whose work stood out from that of others in a field crowded with the talented, inventive, and imaginative.  His style, which was sort of a cross between Mike Ploog's and Arthur Adams', was really unique, instantly recognizable, and truly influential.  I did not know him personally, but, rather, came to know him through his work.  First, it was in the pages (and on the covers) of DC's The Flash.  Later, it was in his own Tellos (which should be a movie, by the way) and in The Adventures of Superman.  Most recently, it was his now classic stint with Mark Waid on Fantastic Four and his fun work with Peter David in the pages of Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man.  Such wonderful, thoroughly charming cartooning, so full of life...how could the man who created these worlds have left ours so young?  That's just not supposed to happen.  I join comics fans everywhere in sending my thoughts and prayers to Mr. Wieringo's friends and family.  If you'd like to know more about Mike Wieringo, please click HERE to go to his web-site. 

Now, an irony.  After such news, I don't exactly know how to get "back to business" with the usual silly blatherings that I post.  I want to be respectful, but such tragedies, befalling people with whom I can closely identify, spur me to try to get something done while I can.  Were that paragraph above about me....?  Well, it would be very different, at the least...remarkable primarily because it would have been written from beyond.  I should get back to work.  I need to get back to work.  I have to get back to work.  It's a little ironic that I feel most inspired to "make some noise" right when I also want to observe a moment of silence.  Please forgive me if I seem selfish, if not callous.  I just really feel the need to do something constructive. 

So, I suppose I should do that.  Before I sprint of, I did want to post another quick guess as to this month's Mystery Theme.  Again, Brent "Big Red Cheese" Frankenhoff has proffered some excellent stabs at it, e-mailing this -

I got it!  I got it!  The Mystery Theme is:

Characters who have never been in my kitchen!

Nope, you got me good and stumped. I'd say they've all been animated at some point, but that would seem too obvious. It's not the same voice actor for them all, so that's out. Sigh.

Thanks, BF.  Those were good guesses, but how you can say that these characters have never been in your kitchen?  Now that takes some moxie...unless your lovely wife has banned your comics from just that one room for some reason (her sanity?).  As to the "animation" guess, that's why I put the fairly esoteric Cave Carson amongst the first several clues.  Other than he, and perhaps one or two others on the list, I realized that most had been seen in animated form at some point.  But that's the wrong tree up which to bark.  Brent was closer with his first guess.  OK, it's time to give you all another clue...or sort of clue.  In compiling this list, I took into consideration that people could just look for information about these characters on the web or at Wikipedia, so I purposely included characters whose on-line profiles neglect to mention the Mystery Theme.  For these, you would have actually had to know about them, not just casually research them.  So, here's the sort of clue; The Mystery Theme is easily found in Internet research of the majority of these characters.  There.  Now, GUESS!  Here's the Mystery Theme Comic Book Character of The Day - Black Lightning!

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