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August 5 -  I am...KING OF LISTS!!!

1)  What the heck is happening to my Alma Mater?  I just found these shocking photos on-line.  That half-destroyed, old brick building is The Joe Kubert School in Dover, New Jersey!  Holy crud!  The rumor is (and I can't stress enough that this is a RUMOR spread by former, and perhaps disgruntled, Kubert School students) that the building is being remodeled as half school for comic book artists, and half Walgreens drug store!  While that may seem ridiculous at first, it does have a ring of probability to it...at least to this former, and perhaps disgruntled, Kubert School student.  Does anybody out there know anything more about this? 

2)  Official Fish of WOMP, Lori Schoenhard, recently wrote a comment about my Comic-Con vs. WOMP entry, saying "My husband Ryan 'forced' me to sit down all watch the G4 tv coverage of Comic-Con. Being married to a big geek kind of makes you one too by osmosis."  The WOMP Staff relates.  She "had to" do the same thing here at WOMP H.Q. as I watched G4's coverage.  Yep, there was a time in her life when she would have never imagined owning her own Darth Vader helmet (which she now does), but, well, time makes geeks of us all.

3)  Lori offered a further comment, I believe based on my musings about touring Dubuque, saying "You should check out Galena, lots of great historic homes, tours and architecture."  True.  I should take my lovely wife to Galena.  The problem is, Lori, that I can never return there.  No, not since......the incident.  Let me take you back, back, far back in time to the fabled era of bell-bottoms, President Ford, and The Jackson Five.  In another annual attempt to confound cruel, consistent fate, my parents made plans for the whole family to go to Galena, Illinois, for vacation.  This in the face of historic Mundt Family vacation tragedies.  Oh, the innocent plans they made; visit Ulysses Grant's home, go to a museum, see a famous doll collection....the fools.  I don't know which vindictive god my folks once insulted, or what family of murderers (Borgias, Hitlers, Texas Chainsaw Massacre-ers) we all were in our past lives, but somehow, for some reason, our vacations are cursed.  And I don't mean "bad luck, darn it" cursed.  I'm talking black-cat-broken-mirror-spilled-salt-walking-under-thirteen-ladders-while-whistling-in-a-graveyard cursed.  We've been struck by tornadoes, fire, floods, Pat Boone, and any number of peculiar disasters that would defy belief if they weren't so true.  But the worst of all may have been what happened to us in Galena.  Many of the specifics of the events of that day have been blocked by my protective mind, which is even now still shielding me from the whole story, but I can give you an overview; Grant's home was closed for a bomb threat (which didn't stop us from posing for pictures in front of the police barricades), a leisurely buggy ride went bad when the horse broke free (leaving my sister and I careening down the street), our muffler was scraped half-off of the car when crossing a "quaint" in-tact original brick roadway, the museum was closed for the same bomb threat, we all got food poisoning from a local restaurant, all maps and directions were insanely incorrect, my Dad got so lost and frustrated that he began to purposely drive the wrong way on one way streets, and a gang of shirtless thugs chased us and threw stones. Oh, and the temperature reached 100 degrees as our air-conditioner stopped working.  Hmm.  At least we saw the doll collection.  That was pretty cool...and relatively "normal."  And those half-naked guys throwing rocks at us were just mad that Dad had accidentally run over their basketball when it rolled out in front of us.  Understandable.  As we escaped, limping home, and dragging all sorts of spark-throwing debris behind us, I felt Galena itself adding "...and stay out!"  After an hour of silent night-time driving, my Dad broke the stillness by vowing aloud "We will never go back to Galena."  And, nearly thirty-five years later, none of us ever has. 

4)  I've had the first guess as to what this month's Mystery Theme is.  It was wrong.  Way wrong.  So wrong that I am not going to post it, so that I might save the guesser the embarrassment that such a public flop would deserve (I will tell you, though, that I can josh this guesser like this because we are very good friends...in spite of his obvious mental deficiency).

5)  So, here's another hint, your Mystery Theme Comic Book Character of The Day - Two-Face!

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